Company Introduction

360OS, which is an operating system developed by the 360 company for mobile phones, integrates the technological achievements of the 360 group in multiple fields, such as security software and hardware R&D, and is featured with safety, simplicity, power-saving, and innovative technologies. Since being launched from 2015, 360OS draws the attention of Chinese users on the usage security of mobile phones and promotes mobile phone manufacturers to focus on the development of security functions.

As a leading Internet security company in China, 360 builds a high level security technology team with a leading scale in China and has obtained about 10,000 patents on original technologies and core technologies, which provide a profound technical foundation for the development of 360OS and create more user values for terminal manufacturer customers.

Development history of 360OS

  • April
    Established a strategic cooperation with China Unicom.
  • September
    102 projects were in developing.
  • August
    17 language versions were released
  • July
    360OS 2.0 was released.
  • April
    The platform-based project was launched.
  • August
    360OS 1.0 was released.
  • April
    The Seals Team Plan was implemented to start the closed development of 360OS.
  • December
    360OS was established.

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