24-Hour Multi-dimensional

Security for Mobile Phone

On the basis of 360 Security, 360OS team developed comprehensive security

architecture from the mobile hardware level, system layer, and application

layer to network cloud, which combines a number of security applications to

protect mobile phone effectively.

360 Security

Real-time protection, at all times.Dynamically updated cloud and antivirus database in real-time, protects you from emerging viruses, Trojans and malware.

Impossibly fast smartphone acceleration.360 Security's "Boost" feature intelligently manages your device's memory usage to ensure that your phone is running optimally.

Keep your device spotless, like it's still new.The most comprehensive cleaner, 360 Security not only cleans your device but also uninstalls software and deletes unwanted APKs in just one tap.

Privacy system

360OS created a separate Private System to ensure that users’ private

information will not be compromised and can only be personally viewed by

users. Users can even install a shadow system in the Private System to

protect their true privacy through a variety of encryption methods.

  • Contacts
  • SMS
  • Images
  • Video
  • APP
  • Files

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Contacts in disguise

By giving important and intimate contacts disguised identities, the virtual

system hides key contact information and prevents private information from

disclosure. To protect important contacts, their information also can be disguised as special numbers.

Property system

Based on the Sandbox isolation technology, a new property system is built,

which is easier to be used to eliminate data stealing with Trojan program. It

constructs exclusive secure network channels to prohibit illegal reading of

malicious applications through encrypted transmission.

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Do Not Disturb

A multi-period regular information alert is added, where the notice

bar, alarm clock and calendar reminder time are controllable,

ensuring that users are not disturbed during breaks and do not miss

important information at the same time. It provides intelligent

distribution of important reminders and controls reassuring personal space.

Multi-dimensional Improvement

of Mobile Phone Performance

360OS optimizes the a large number of system performance of the bottom layer, making the response faster, animations smoother, and operation more stable. In addition, applications such as Freezer, Lock Screen Cleaning and Speedup can more effectively free the memory so that the entire mobile experience is brisker and smoother.

APS Decision-Making System

APS Decision-Making System developed by 360OS team can provide custom optimization for common applications, and allocate CPU and GPU

resources rationally. It can intelligently identify the disguised system process, trace the awakening between applications, and strongly cut off the

awakening path to prohibit self-start of application fundamentally.


It is the simplest acceleration operation. Just a click of the function can

instantly free the phone memory, intelligently retain necessary applications

and prevent self-start of redundant applications in the background to

accelerate the mobile phone system greatly.


Freezing applications rather than deleting, flexible access, and independent distribution of mobile phone resources

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Lock Screen Cleaning and Lock Screen Limits

Background applications are processed by classification to correspond

to different Lock Screen states to maintain brisk system experience.

When you lock the screen, the phone can clean the background

process of non-white list applications or limit their networking,

awakening and positioning functions to reduce background appli-

cations and continuously ensure smooth operation of the system.

  • 波浪
  • 波浪
  • 波浪
  • 波浪

Intelligent Power Saving Program for Longer Endurance

360OS configures the most appropriate power saving program for users according to different usage scenarios to

effectively lengthen the time of endurance and keep excellent performance at the right time.

Power Consumption Detection

The system automatically detects and ranks the power consumption

of applications to alert users to special handling of power-hungry applications.

Aligning Awakening

After the screen is off, the system adjusts the third-party applications to awakening in a unified time period so as to reduce the number of phone awakening and interruptions and get more power saving.

A Variety of User-friendly and Fun Practical Black Technologies Make Everything Possible

App Cleaner

It can intelligently classify personal data and useless data, and support special

garbage cleaning of common applications to keep larger system space and

ensure the system speed.

Avatar Master

This function built in 360OS breaks through the limit that only one account is

allowed for one device. It helps users who want to login two accounts on a

device at the same time.

More Powerful Camera

360OS team independently developed multiple algorithm optimizations and interactive innovations in camera function, making the photographing process more interesting and the effect more perfect.


Portrait Plus

The function can make special improvement for portrait in the process of photographing.


Measuring Facial Age

It can intelligently measure the gender and age of the face in a picture.


Smiling Face Capture

The camera can shoot picture once it captures a smile face.


Gesture Capture

The camera can shoot picture once it captures a V-shaped gesture.


Bokeh for Single Camera

Enough depth of field and bokeh can be achieved just for single camera.


Filling Light for Selfie

Filling light for selfie is achieved easily with a screen flashlight.

Panoramic Mode

Ultra-wide picture shooting makes the picture more beautiful.

Continuous Shooting

It helps you capture the moment you require, no longer missing the wonderful moment.

Watermark Camera

Diverse watermark tags make your photos more interesting.

Camera Filter Gallery

It is good idea to add a filter to make your photos more distinctive.

Time-lapse Photography

It can be used to record the aesthetic process of natural scenery like sunrise and sunset.

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